• Royalties from the
    second hand market
    A $200 billion marketplace

A $200 billion industry with a $40 billion black market

It is common for an art piece or for a rare collectible to command a price ten times higher than its original value on the second hand market.

But artists and the IP rights owners could not benefit from this increased value — until now.

Collato opens up a brand newm untapped market for creators, merchants and IP owners to start benefiting from it.

Incentivising, Not Enforcing

It is impossible to enforce the payment channels on the second hand market. An item (eg. a piece of art) might change owners by cash payment or as part of a barter deal. there is no way to take royalties from that.

Collato solved this problem. It uses powerful incentivization mechanisms to encourage buyers to pay the royalty after they have acquired the product.

By doing so, they will gt tangible benefits, which will make paying the extra cost a no-brainer.


Collato's technology combines top of the line NFC technology and cutting edge distributed systems into a unique technology that creates cryptographic proofs of authenticity.

The same technology that incentivizes and manages the royalties also proves the authenticity of the object. This makes it impossible to pass a copy as original or to produce ilegal factory overruns.

An Open

While the technology is developed by Collato, the proofs, certificates and payments are living on an open ecosystem that welcomes and encourages integration.

The system is built in a way that Collato has no control over your assets, revenue or payments.


Collato’s ticketing solution provides a fair, accountable and secure ticketing solution. It makes counterfeiting and scalping very difficult.

Optionally, it also opens up a legitimate second hand market, and make the organizers benefit from every ticket sale, even on the second hand market.

Fair Ticket Distribution

Using a set of carefully selected distribution models, Collato can significantly improve the online ticket sale experience. It can remove the rush from high demand events, and provide equal chances for everyone to get their tickets.

On top of it, Collato uses a set of economic and algorithmic methods to improve the ticket buying experience for high demand events.

Collato’s ticket sales support different raffle and auctioning mechanisms, with an added layer of gamification.


Collato’s technology, combined with identification and KYC also prevents entities to grab large number of tickets on public sales, thus preventing scalping.

Security and Privacy,
Per Your Requirements

Collato’s technology makes it possible for organizers to know who is sitting in each chair, thus making events safer.

Tickets can optionally hold personal information (holder name, ID number, shared secret), so it can be prevented from being used by someone else. But they can also remain anonymous, by the decision of the organizers.

Collato provides the best possible balance between accountability and privacy. Using Collato’s technology it is possible to KYC a patron without them having to reveal any personal details.

Physical or Digital tickets

Collato can provide physical or digital tickets that can be checked and authenticated by the organizers. Ticket validity can always be checked by the ticket holder to avoid surprises and invalid or double-sold tickets.

Variety of Payment Methods

Credit card, coupon and token payments can be accepted.

Turning Tickets Into Collectibles - Ecosystem and Gamification

Used tickets can be turned into memorabilia, traded to form combos, for which the owner can get discounts and other benefits.

Using the tickets, engaging games can be played before, during and after the events, to engage the holders in a way that benefits everyone.

What Collato Can Offer

A complete ticket issuance Interface

  • Create events, issue tickets, put them on sale.
  • Create incentives, tie in merchandise, offer discounts.

Ticket Redemption

  • A client mobile app to hold the tickets (optional)
  • An organizer mobile app to accept / redeem the tickets and check validity

A Popup Economy

  • Enable merchants to to sell their wares on your event.
  • Setup your patrons with their event-specific coupons and tokens to buy
  • Profit fropm every sale

After-event engagement

  • Turn tickets into tradeable memorabilia
  • Offer discounts for merchandise and future events
  • Gamify and engage your users